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“After having used and tested almost every other brand of racing oil out there, I recommend Millers in both the engine and the transmission/transaxle/differential.  Millers CFS engine oils don’t breakdown like some of the other racing engine oils I have tested do and have a lower coefficient of friction.

"I actually raced with CFS 5w40 in my 996 engine for an entire season of 1700 racing miles without ever changing the oil or the filter, testing the oil after every race (see results here) and the oil was perfect for further use every time.

The Millers CRX NT Gear oil is so good at protecting your gearbox internals that the guys in British Touring found that it extended their gearbox life 2-3 times over other oils that they had been using (see story on the 2nd page top rightmost paragraph).

"It is not the least expensive oil out there, but neither is your race car!”  

Karl Poeltl – Owner Racer’s Edge Inc.


Get some for yourself at www.PerformanceRacingOils.com

Read about Karl Poeltl's professional racing-on-a-budget in the Pirelli World Challenge.

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Read about us in Grassroots Motorsports magazine! Check out the great article in GRM about Karl Poeltl's racing-on-a-shoestring professional efforts in the Pirelli World Challenge.

Solid mounts, bushings, spherical bearing cartridges, camber plates and much more are available for the 996, Boxster, Cayman, 944, 968, 997 and practially every other Porsche platform.

Our extensive development and testing process has been completed for every one of these important parts before they are made available to you. Together, they are a system of components that will make significant improvements in your car's performance and help drop lap times around your favorite circuit.